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  1. The Last Flight

    2019-10-22 15:41:10 UTC

    Group of divers exploring the wreck of B-17 For me personally, the sight of a giant airplane wreck in one piece deep under the sea is what ultimate exploration is all about. This B17 wreck at Island Vis is one of the best-preserved WW2 airplane wrecks in the world. It…

  2. Marine Iguanas of Galapagos

    2019-10-21 17:07:15 UTC

    Marine Iguana feeding When I set on a journey to Galapagos I was all about seeing those massive schools of hammerheads, but then I discovered an all-new world down under and came back with so much more. Galapagos Islands on Google Map One of the most unique encounters was with…

  3. Red Rock Crab at Isabela island in Galapagos

    2019-10-20 16:21:00 UTC

    Who says there are no alien-looking animals on topside when you go on diving trips? Galapagos is in many ways a Wonderland or Disneyland for us nature lovers, and new animals kept popping up, down under the water, or topside when doing land visits. Due to this, we did a…

  4. Dolphins of Sataya

    2019-10-16 21:04:30 UTC

    A massive pod of Spinner Dolphins This is my dolphin story. Everybody loves dolphins, but still, they can get further down under your skin and then you just love them even more. This happened to me after having an amazingly close encounter with a large pod of dolphins on one…

  5. Daedalus Reef - Where the Hammerheads wander

    2018-05-10 19:18:24 UTC

    The Hammerhead shark is one of those animals that everyone knows, no matter if you’re into diving or not. It is all over the place, from children’s books, comics, and cartoons down to great images, and various adventure/wildlife multi-media content including documentary TV shows and movies. One of the easy-to-get…

  6. The Red Sea - Home of the Oceanic Whitetips

    2018-04-17 17:52:00 UTC

    Diving with sharks is an amazing experience. For a lot of divers, the easiest way to dive with sharks is to dive with Oceanic Whitetips in the Red Sea. First, I will do a quick, facts-heavy, introduction on Oceanic Whitetips, then reflect on some of my own experiences with them,…