Welcome to my world!!!

I am extremely pleased to welcome you into my world of Underwater Photography.

I hope you will enjoy looking at the images I have created and that it will spark some emotion or thought process that will inspire you to make something yourself.

But, who I am?

My name is Marko and I am Serbian photographer (and many other things), currently living and working in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Photography and underwater explorations are my passion and hobby, while professionally I have other engagements.

Next to photography and diving, I am also a runner, a snowboarder, both road and off-road motorcycle rider and a music lover.

Photography is for me a way to express myself, be creative, share my stories, experiences and adventures and connect with other people. I am enjoying every frame, pixel and minute of it.

Underwater Photography

On my photography journey, I was lucky to be able to connect photography with some other interests that I have. And this is how I got into Underwater Photography in the first place.

My key interest is wide angle photography. My style seems to be "moody" so my photos tend to be a bit more dark, dramatic, atmospheric etc. 

I find inspiration in adventure heavy topics that require a lot of engagement and skills such as sharks, rays, dolphins, whales, giant schools of fishamazing reefs and it's eco-systems, stunning marine life or just astonishing wrecks. Both in color and in black and white.

I am still in the process of learning how to develop photographic ideas to convey what I am experiencing and then how to do it exactly. It is a journey that takes many steps. Hardest bit is to separate a good dive from a photography dive with the clear goal and mission.